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London Regenerative Institute

Unlock the secrets of longevity with cutting-edge regenerative treatments.

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Corinthia London joins forces with the London Regenerative Institute (LRI) to provide non-invasive services in preventative and restorative aesthetics. Founded by leading plastic surgeons Mr. Tunç Tiryaki and Dr. Steve Cohen, the LRI harnesses the power of longevity research to deliver personalised treatment protocols that reverse ageing and optimise your health span.

To book your treatment, please contact the LRI team at or call +44 (0) 20 3376 5707.


In and Out Longevity Screening

Welcome to the new era of anti-ageing at the London Regenerative Institute. Here, we unlock the secrets within your own body to decelerate the ageing clock.

At the heart of our methodology is epigenetic testing, providing profound insights into your body at a cellular and molecular level. We offer bespoke screenings, innovative therapies and personalised mentorship, effectively paving your path towards ageless vitality.

Our scientifically-backed holistic approach uncovers the intricate details of your epigenetic codes, enabling us to curate an unrivalled longevity journey specifically for you.

Services include:
• LRAge (Epigenetic Testing)
• Blood Tests
• AI Skin Analysis
• 3D Body Scan
• Health Status Questionnaire
• Unique Detoxification Programme
• Longevity Suggestions

Biohacking and Longevity Procedures

Biohacking is a revolutionary approach designed to decelerate the ageing process and prevent the onset of age-related diseases. Our biohacking procedures incorporate cutting-edge technologies, each meticulously tailored to the unique needs of every individual.

Services include:
• IV Drips
• Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
• Hypoxic Altitude Training
• Telomere Therapy
• Ozone Therapy
• DNA Repair and Senolytics Support Kit

Regenerative Aesthetic Procedures

At the LRI, the primary emphasis within aesthetic procedures is on Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine. Embodying the powerful message that “everything a person needs is already within them,” regenerative medicine aims to stimulate your own cells to regenerate, reducing the risk of immune rejection or inflammation.

Key tools in this regenerative process include stem cells and their derivatives, such as exosomes. Discover the transformative potential of your body’s inherent healing abilities.

Services include:
• Radiofrequency Microneedling with Exosomes and HBOT
• Body Contouring Procedures
• Morphiya Cream – Exosome Biotechnology

Exclusive Partnership with Corinthia London

Discover the exceptional collaboration between the London Regenerative Institute (LRI) and Corinthia London, bringing you unparalleled longevity services.

Pioneers of Longevity and Regenerative Treatments

Led by distinguished plastic surgeons Mr Tunç Tiryaki and Dr Steve Cohen, the LRI is at the forefront of regenerative research and longevity advancements, and leads the way in groundbreaking treatments that redefine the ageing process.

Cutting-Edge Personalised Treatment Protocols

Experience the latest innovations in longevity research through personalised treatment protocols designed to reverse ageing and enhance well-being.

Holistic Approach to Health

Unlock the secrets to a longer, healthier life with the LRI’s holistic approach, addressing root causes of ageing and health concerns.

Personal Longevity Consultant

Embark on a transformative journey with a dedicated Personal Longevity Consultant, tailoring a bespoke regeneration and longevity roadmap based on your unique needs and vision.

Mr Tunç Tiryaki

London Regenerative Institute

A world-leading consultant plastic surgeon, renowned for his work in facial regeneration, Mr. Tiryaki was one of the first surgeons to use fat-derived stem cells in mini face lift procedures. With a special interest in facial surgery and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures, he employs cutting-edge techniques to enhance and refine, delivering natural, youthful results without visible scars. His unrivalled skill, exceptional results and surgical finesse saw him named one of the ‘BEST FACELIFT SURGEONS IN THE UK’ by Tatler Magazine.

Dr Steven Cohen

London Regenerative Institute

Dr. Steven Cohen is an influential plastic surgeon specialising in aesthetic and regenerative facial surgery, including deep plane face and deep neck surgery, muscle contouring, rhinoplasty, and brow and eye lifts. He is renowned for numerous innovations, including the invention of injectable tissue replacement and regenerative facial fat grafting. Author of more than 170 publications and three textbooks, Dr. Cohen has been named as one of the best plastic surgeons in America by Newsweek, the US News and World Report, Castle Connolly, and Best Doctors, Inc.

Meet Our Doctors

Mr Tunç Tiryaki

London Regenerative Institute

Dr Steven Cohen

London Regenerative Institute





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