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In our latest discussion, Founder Mr. Tunç Tiryaki answers the most frequently asked questions on longevity screening, one of the most popular services at the London Regenerative Institute, and explains its role in slowing and reversing the ageing process.

What is longevity screening and why is it important?

Longevity screening at the London Regenerative Institute involves assessing your biological age (the age of your cells) compared to your chronological age (the number of years since birth) to understand how your body is ageing. It’s essential because it helps identify potential health risks and provides insights into your DNA, which plays a crucial role in how we age.

How is the biological age determined in this screening?

We use advanced epigenetic testing technology to determine your biological age which consists of a simple blood prick test, which is sent away to an external lab for analysis.

What happens after the longevity screening?

Following the screening, a personalised treatment plan is curated based on the specific needs of each client to reduce the rate at which the body is ageing, with the aim of reversing it. This plan may include lifestyle interventions, biohacking techniques and various treatments.

How can lifestyle interventions slow down ageing?

Lifestyle interventions such as diet, exercise and stress management can significantly impact the rate of ageing by reducing inflammation, hormone imbalances, oxiditative stress and promoting cell renewal, whilst also reducing the risk of age-related diseases. In fact, up to 80% of our ageing rate can be influenced by these factors.

What are some biohacking techniques offered at the London Regenerative Institute?

We offer a range of biohacking techniques, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, hypoxic altitude training, ozone therapy, telomere therapy, personalised supplements, IV drips, DNA Repair + Senolytic Treatment Kit, exosomes, and RF microneedling, to name but a few.

How can I get started with longevity screening and anti-ageing treatments at the London Regenerative Institute?

To begin your journey towards a longer and healthier life, please contact our friendly team to schedule an appointment and discuss your specific needs with our experts.

Are these treatments safe?

Our treatments are carefully selected for their evidence-based results. They are tailored to individual needs and are designed to be safe and effective. We prioritise customer well-being throughout the journey.

How can I learn more about the science behind these treatments?

Please visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter to find out about upcoming events and talks, and to stay up to date with news. Our expert team is available to provide in-depth explanations and answer any questions you may have about the scientific basis of our longevity screening and anti-ageing treatments.